We are planting the seeds to grow ready readers using science-based reading

APPLE Seed will provide participants to teach emergent readers in a one-on-one, or group of up to four students, for a thirty-minute session, two to three times a week.  The plan is to work with children the teachers have targeted as students struggling with phonemic awareness and learning the sounds of letters. These are young children and once a week is not enough time for them to internalize what we are teaching.  Repetition is the key.


We will use objects to teach the sound that each letter makes.  We will also teach the child to write that letter in a bead tray so he can imprint the letter and its sound into his brain.  We will teach the child basic sight words. We will divide these into two groups: words you can sound out and words that break the rules that you can’t sound out.   We will teach the child this by hearing, saying, seeing, and feeling.


 Each participant will receive a portable APPLE Seed kit with enough materials to teach four students or four groups of students. The five levels of phonemic awareness will be taught in this training, with instruction on how to teach a child all the levels of phonological awareness and phonemic awareness using 3D objects.


Mary-Margaret Scholtens, Author of CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D®, Founder and Executive Director of The APPLE Group, Inc.    

Kelly Fowler, CALT, QI, Trainer in CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D®

COST: $650