Comprehension & Study Skills OG in 3D

Comprehension: OG in 3D curriculum teaches a process of gathering, organizing, and synthesizing expository reading material.  The process includes multisensory strategies and materials that address diverse learning profiles.

Targeted for students in grades three and above.


The curriculum builds proficiencies through:

● Collecting and classifying factual information

● Organizing facts for storage and meaningful retrieval

● Connecting to content area instruction

● Critical thinking through Bloom’s Taxonomy

● Test taking strategies

What is Nonfiction/Fiction?

The concepts put together in report form are in most reading manuals, but we’ve put the concepts and condensed and ordered them into a logical, systematic approach. The “non-fiction and fiction form” involves multisensory material which enables the child to manipulate the components of non-fiction and fiction much better than a workbook approach.

Students with memory and language problems need systematic steps to follow when reading independently.  In making these materials, the goal is to make concepts as concrete as possible.  The more concrete the steps are at the beginning, the easier it is for the child to make the leap toward abstraction.

This approach utilizes the child’s cognitive abilities rather than his rote memory.  This material helps the child learn how to organize information as he reads.  By focusing on each component, one at a time, the child learns to compensate for his memory and/or perceptual difficulty.  The child manipulates the materials and receives auditory and visual stimulation




COST $1800 (over $900 worth of materials)