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  • The APPLE Group 522 Southwest Drive Jonesboro, AR, 72401 United States (map)

January 23, 2016                              

Time 8:30-1:30


A six hour course in systematic, multi-sensory techniques for teaching the acquisition of the basic skills for reading, sponsored by The APPLE Group, Inc. of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

COST $450 (price includes: training and materials for up to 4 students).

Research shows that between 15% -20% of the population have some form of dyslexia. That means there are several children struggling with this in every classroom. They are the intelligent, creative, verbal, artistic, “smart kids” who for some reason have trouble reading printed symbols.  They are good thinkers who are tactile-kinesthetic learners and need to be taught using several different senses together. We want these special kinds of learners to be “saved” if their reading skills are caught early and helped before their self-esteem becomes an issue.

Research shows that the two most valuable factors for predicting reading success are knowledge of letter names and of letter sounds and phonemic awareness. We use multi-sensory techniques to teach children who are having trouble with this. Objects are used to represent sounds.  Where alphabet books are good at showing a picture that begins with the letter sound being taught, we made it even better by using an object the child can actually hold.  They can feel the sound the letter i makes when they hold an iguana.  They have a 3-dimensional object to help connect the sound to the symbol to the object in their brains.

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