Fidelity Checklist



Fidelity of implementation is the delivery of instruction

in the way in which it was designed to be delivered.


Teacher Name:__________________________  Date:_________________________

Observer:_______________________________ Group:________________________

Skill Focus:______________________________ Lesson #:_____________________


Groups = no more than 4 students.

Frequency = at least 3 days a week for 45 minutes each.

Private = 2 days a week for an 60 mins each.


Dyslexia Training

  • Certified in Connections OG in 3D?   yes      no       Year certification was achieved _________________


  • If not certified, what year did the interventionist completed Connections Og in 3D training?_________________


To maximize student benefits Connections Lessons should be taught with fidelity to the lesson structure of this science based program.

Struggling readers should receive all components throughout the week in the frequency shown (especially in small-group instruction).


_____ Phonemic Awareness/Alphabet Warm-up:(each time the group is seen)

          Goal : explicit instruction in the 5 levels of Phonemic Awareness, and practice with sequencing letters


_____ Short Vowel Book:(3-5 times per week)

Goal: review short vowels to build automaticity-


Drill Work: (each time the group is seen)

         Goal: Review concepts to build automaticity in reading and spelling.

____ Visual: Students say sound(s) for letters shown.

____ Auditory: Students write letter(s) for sound(s) they hear using tactile/kinesthetic medium (glass boards most often)

____ Blending: Students blend and read 10-20 word/pseudo-word  combinations.

_____ Rule Cards: Review all previously taught rules when teaching a new reading, 

_____ Homophone Cards: Review all previously taught homophone cards when students are learning a new homophone

_____ Affix Cards: Play knock-knock each time you introduce a new affix


MULTISENSORY INTRODUCTION OF NEW SKILL(1-2 times per week depending on  where the student is in the lesson;)

Goal: Solidify new skill for long-term recall.  

_____ Guided Discovery: use objects to guide the students in discovering the new sound


_____ Lock in Sound to Symbol

_____ student trace raised letter cards

_____ student write letter in the bead tray while looking at the letter card

_____ student traces letter under the glass tray while looking at the letter card

_____ student writes letter in the air while looking at letter the card

_____ student writes letter on the canvas while looking at the letter card.


JAILBIRD WORDS: Non-phonetic words

Goal: Master reading/spelling of non-phonetic words through multisensory steps.


_____ Review Previously learned Jailbird words (each time the group is seen)

_____ Visual - students read each word

_____ Auditory -teacher reads the words and student spells the word ( may  use glass tray,red magnet letters, white board,                                  colored pencils and paper)

_____New Jailbird Word (depending on where the student is in the lesson)

_____ use Jailbird and pull strip from the Jailbirds mouth


_____ Lock in Jailbird Word

_____ student traces raised letter card

_____ student arm spells word while looking at the word card

_____ student writes word in bead tray while looking at the word card

_____  student traces word under the glass tray while looking at the word card

_____ student writes word on the canvas while looking at the word card.


APPLICATION OF SKILL - Spelling and Reading (each time the group is seen)

Goal: Apply new and previous skills to spelling and reading.


_____ WORDS (3-5 times a week, depending on where the student is in the lesson)

_____ student reads all the words (from the lesson cards)

 _____ student spells with objects (if needed)

 _____ student spells words (from the lesson cards)

  • teacher dictates, student repeat,
  • student fingerspells
  • student writes the letters that represent the sounds
  • student touches and names letters
  • student checks work (teacher shows the word card)

_____ SENTENCES (depending on where the student is in the lesson)

_____ student reads all sentences (from the lesson cards)

_____ student writes the sentences

  • teacher and student “feel” the sentence while reading the sentenc
  • student writes the sentence
  • student checks the sentence (teacher shows the card)


COMPREHENSION: (depending on where the student is in the lesson)

Goal: Apply phonetic and non-phonetic reading strategies to connected text.

_____ Personalized Readers (one for each completed Connections Lessons)  

  • students will underline Jailbird words, code words,circle endpoint,
  • teacher reads the story first
  • student will read the story teacher asks comprehension questions over the story
  • student then draws a picture to illustrate the story to prove they comprehending what they are reading.

_____ Command Sentences (one set for each Connections Lesson starting with Lesson 9 )          

  • student reads and acts the sentence out


_____ ADDITIONAL LESSONS: (1 time depending on the Connections lesson)

_____ Affixes: (suffix, prefix, root word)- teacher uses flip cards from lesson to teach the affixes by guided discovery teaching,                            play knock-knock


_____ Lick the Lines: (as needed for each student)