The APPLE Group encourages institutions of higher learning to provide teacher instruction in multisensory structured language approaches for teaching reading and spelling.  In lieu of an expensive site license, the APPLE Group has set up this cost effective way for universities to train education majors while ensuring fidelity of instruction of the intervention.  This training is appropriate for multiple departments: regular education, early childhood, special education, speech and language, reading, psychology, occupational therapy, and learning disabilities.


An Introduction to CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D

The University Edition 


1.  The University Edition/Introduction to CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D may only be taught at the undergraduate level, and must not be offered as an online class. Graduate level courses must be arranged through The APPLE Group by permission and will be granted if they are being used as a portion of an existing course. 

2. The university faculty member who will be the instructor of the University Edition of CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D must have completed the 45 hour CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D training, be enrolled in The APPLE Group Dyslexia Therapist Training Program which involves working toward certification in CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D. 

3.  Manuals for each student must be purchased from The APPLE Group. Supplies may also be purchased from the APPLE Group, but are optional.  Materials are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights are enforced.

4. The University Edition manual contains the first 26 lessons and the entire appendix.  The manual has been revised to include more detailed instructions for use in this introductory class.  This is an introductory class and will not contain all of the lessons and syllable types included in the complete 45 hour CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D class.



I am an instructor at the university level. What do I need to do to be able to teach Introduction to CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D to my university students?

1. Register and complete the 45 hour CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D training. (Offered several times a year in Jonesboro, Arkansas. $1200. Includes $600 of materials.)

2. Register for the The APPLE Group's Dyslexia Therapist Training Course, which includes certification in CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D. (New cohorts begin in September and in January. $1200. Includes materials and certification.)

3. Have your campus bookstore order University Edition manuals for each of your students.  ($100 each. The APPLE Group will complete vendor information.)

4. Begin teaching your university students the Introduction to CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D, as you complete the Dyslexia Therapist Training Program with The APPLE Group. (You may begin instructing your students in the content and principles of CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D right away. You do not have to wait for completion of the certification.  We have no time to waste in preparing preservice teachers in the skills of teaching science-based reading.)







Complete CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D Training Courses and Dyslexia Certificate Courses

For the university to offer the complete 45 hour CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D course, the instructor of CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D must have completed the CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D Training Consultant Program.

This may be a university faculty member who has completed the CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D training consultant qualifications or a training consultant hired through The APPLE Group.  

The university may not offer certification. Certification in CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D may be obtained only through The APPLE Group at this time, until plans are completed to include a Certificate Course in Dyslexia at the university level. 



The university understands that we enforce our intellectual property rights to prevent others from delivering training in CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D™ products or creating CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D™ training materials so that we may ensure such products and services meet our quality criteria and consistently identify our products. We also enforce our intellectual property rights so we can be faithful to the principles of instruction that have made CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D™ successful in reading instruction.