•  A forty-five hour course in structured, systematic, multisensory techniques for teaching the structure of the English language and the acquisition of the basic skills for reading. Connections is Science-based Reading for Whole class, intervention, or one on one. 

  • January 23-25 and February 6-8 $1800 - in Jonesboro
  • ONLINE TRAINING - Launch in January $1800- ( limited spots)
  • Spring and Summer Dates announced soon
I am going to incorporate the multisensory approach in everything possible.”

”Ditch the district curriculum. Use Connections.”

”I want to use Connections whole group and as my reading/language/spelling curriculum.”

”It doesn’t matter the grade level students with all ability levels can benefit from Connections.

In years past, Connections, and other science-based programs, were used mostly as intervention for struggling readers, but as schools realize that the way they've typically taught reading isn't working for all students, and as more schools are keeping up with research and moving to the science of reading, we've had more requests to train teachers with an emphasis in how to use Connections as the regular curriculum for whole group instruction.

  • Spring Date to be announced Soon
I just gave Lesson 5 test
I had 19 - 100’s!!!!” -said a teacher using Connections Whole Class. “Out of 20 kids!!”

Learn how to teach a child phonemic awareness in a direct, explicit, multisensory way. Objects are used to represent sounds. Where alphabet books are good at showing a picture that begins with the letter sound being taught, we made it even better by using an object the child can actually hold. They can feel the sound the letter i makes when they hold an iguana, for example. Then they learn to recognize, segment, differentiate, and manipulate sounds through activities that cover all five levels of phonemic awareness. This is the building block for reading.

  • Spring Date announced soon

Comprehension: OG in 3D curriculum teaches a process of gathering, organizing, and synthesizing expository reading material.  The process includes multisensory strategies and materials that address diverse learning profiles.

  • October 11, 12 and October 25,26

 A two-year program that includes history of OG, terms, the structure of the English language, why we teach using multisensory techniques, current research, accommodations, and technology. It also includes comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and study skills. You will be able to immediately put this into action with students

Learn how to teach handwriting in the most multisensory way ever developed, by the authors themselves. Actual student examples will be shared in this fun and effective way to teach letter formation. Participants will have hands-on experience learning the strategies and will take with them their own Lick the Lines Kit. Is dysgraphia bad handwriting or is it a problem getting thoughts on the page? Experience how it feels to have dysgraphia and then learn what to do about it!

  • Spring Date announced soon


The APPLE Group, Inc. equips parents, teachers and the community to effectively serve children who learn differently through a proven suite of multisensory structured language strategies.

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