($1800 deducted from total if already trained in Connections)

100 Classroom Hours    

45 Hour Training in

Connections: OG in 3D (6 days)

  • history of OG, terms, structure of the English language, why we teach multisensory, current research, accommodations, and technology. You will be able to immediately put this into action with students.

  • 3 hours of research and preparation of materials

  • screening, school reading intervention group setup, continued practice of Connections: OG in 3D lessons.

Eight Seminars

  • Sturcture of the English Language - (Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills)

  • Each seminar includes mock lesson practice

  • Assessments (dyslexia screeners and diagnostic tests)

  • How to use school data (DIBELS, etc. to show progress of the students)

  • Arkansas law and accommodations for students

  • Screening, school reading intervention group set-up, classroom SoR coach

  • How to present teacher dyslexia awareness workshops: What Dyslexia Is, What It Isn’t and What to Do About It, including dyslexia simulation - model whole group lesson - teach characteristics of a child with dyslexia.


Attend 1 professional conference • 200 clinical teaching hours • 5 demonstration lessons • practicum project • book report


100 Classroom Hours

Comprehension and Study Skills: OG in 3D (4 Days)

  • Nonfiction Comprehension in 3D, Fiction Comprehension in 3D, Study Skills in 3D, Written Expression, Fluency, and Vocabulary

Eight Seminars

  • Advanced Part of the Structure of the English Language -(Speech to Print by Dr. Lousia Moats)

  • Each seminar includes mock lesson practice

  • Ethics and Private Practice

  • Technology

  • Dyslexia Demystification and Emotional and Social Effects

  • Related Disorders

Attend 1 professional conference • 500 clinical hours • 5 demonstration lessons • practicum project • book report

Why should you join the Dyslexia Therapist Training  Program?

  1. Certified in Connections: OG in 3D Reading Intervention with the components required by the Arkansas Dyslexia Law, Act 1294.

  2. Prepared to teach and lead the Dyslexia Awareness Professional Development, now required by The Arkansas Dyslexia Law, Act 1294.

  3. Prepared to instruct teachers in your school building how to implement multi-sensory spelling into their whole group lessons using Connections: OG in 3D Spelling, Levels 1-4.

  4. Prepared to model OG/SOR lessons in the classroom for teachers in your school.

  5. Prepared to design accommodations for struggling readers in the classrooms and during the 504 meetings.

  6. Prepared to use assessments to monitor progress with data collected by the school.

  7. Prepared to assess struggling readers in the school district.

  8. Prepared to explain and help implement the Arkansas Dyslexia Law in your school district.

  9. Prepared to open a private practice in dyslexia therapy.

  10. Qualifies as Phase 2 Pathway for AR.


Standards Covered in the Dyslexia Therapist Certification Program

  • Knowledge and Practice Standards of the International Dyslexia Association

  • Five Components of a comprehensive reading program by National Reading Panel

  • Nine ALTA standards

  • Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure(MTEL)Foundations of Reading.

  • KPEERI Test