Phonemic Awareness Course



Research shows that the

Two Most Valuable Factors for Predicting Reading Success are

  1. Knowledge of Letter Names and of Letter Sound

        2.  Phonemic Awareness


Did you know there are five levels of phonemic awareness? A child needs to master all five levels to become a reader.  What a wonderful start you can give your own children or children who attend your preschool. A preschool that explicitly and directly teaches phonological awareness and all five levels of phonemic awareness would be the first one recommended to parents for giving their child the best start.


Participants will

  • Gain hands-on experience in teaching the five levels of phonemic awareness

  • Take home 5 kits of 3D objects and 15 different phonemic awareness activities


This workshop is for

  • parents and educators who work with children ages 3-7 years old

  • OR parents or educators of older children who may be struggling with reading and spelling


Parents can prepare your child to become a reader, giving him/her the foundation to literacy. Preschools whose teachers have been trained by The APPLE Group in the Phonemic Awareness Course will be placed on our website and will be able to advertise that they’ve had this training.


Learn how to teach a child phonemic awareness in a direct, explicit, multisensory way. Objects are used to represent sounds. Where alphabet books are good at showing a picture that begins with the letter sound being taught, we made it even better by using an object the child can actually hold. They can feel the sound the letter i makes when they hold an iguana, for example. Then they learn to recognize, segment, differentiate, and manipulate sounds through activities that cover all five levels of phonemic awareness. This is the building block for reading.