SUMMARY: Connections: OG in3D® is a structured literacy curriculum that systematically teaches the entire structure of the English language. Each lesson provides direct, explicit instruction in the five components of reading, as outlined in the National Reading Panel Report (2000).

Lessons are cumulative and follow a logical order. The scope and sequence presents the alphabetic principle in order of frequency of use, from simplest to most complex. Concepts are taught from concrete to abstract, through hands-on lessons with 3D materials included in the Connections training. Students can “hold” and manipulate a sound in their hands. 5 levels of phonemic awareness, 26 letters, 44 sounds, and 166+ ways to spell those sounds are taught using multisensory techniques and manipulatives. Students learn syllable-spelling conventions to determine vowel pronunciation.

Connections teaches students to attend to sound, spelling, meaning, and etymology. In addition to phoneme-grapheme correspondence and orthographic mapping, students become aware that our language is morphophonemic, as layers of etymology and morphology are added.

Application of sound to symbol knowledge, spelling rules and patterns, grammar, comprehension, and fluency are practiced using nonsense words, real words, phrases, sentences, and connected text. 100% decodable personalized readers provide decoding practice. Vocabulary (including multiple meanings and figures of speech) is learned by developing semantic networks of ideas and relationships.

To insure automaticity, frequent distributive practice and checkpoints for mastery are built into each lesson. When decoding becomes automatic, students are able to use their cognitive energy for higher level comprehension. Students learn syntax and semantics using material they are actually able to decode.

Connections training is comprehensive and provides ongoing support. Participants will be well-versed in the science of effective reading instruction, theoretical models of reading, brain research, and how each part of the Connections lessons addresses all components of reading instruction.



A forty-five hour course in systematic, multi-sensory techniques for teaching the acquisition of the basic skills for reading, sponsored by The APPLE Group, Inc. of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

 The participants will learn a multisensory structured language approach to classroom instruction and intervention strategies. The goal of the course is that the participants have a full understanding of multisensory intervention skills, and how to implement a science-based reading and spelling curriculum. They will have an understanding of current scientific research and brain studies involving dyslexia and effective, evidence-based reading programs.

CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D® is a, systematic, multi-sensory research-based approach to teaching the phonology, decoding, and reading skills of the English language.  The trainee will be well-versed in preparing, implementing, and conducting the components of science-based reading which includes phonemic awareness (enabling the student to detect, segment, blend, and manipulate sounds in the spoken language); graphophonemic knowledge for teaching the letter-sound plan of English; and the structure of the English language that includes morphology, semantics, syntax, and pragmatics.

Participants will learn linguistic instruction directed toward proficiency and fluency with the patterns of language so that words and sentences are carriers of meaning. Connections: OG in 3D teaches strategies for decoding, encoding, word recognition, fluency, and comprehension.

 This workshop is for  ▪  teachers  ▪  special educators  ▪  counselors  ▪  principals  ▪  intervention specialists  ▪  reading specialists  ▪  parents or grandparents of dyslexics  ▪  tutors

One in five children has trouble learning to read in spite of having normal intelligence, adequate instruction, no emotional disturbances, and no sensory deficits.  These children need a different approach to learning language, the sounds and the letters that represent them, and how to put them together and take them apart.  Their hands, eyes, ears, and voices have to work together to retain what is being taught. This requires a structured, sequential, multisensory method of teaching.  Not only is this type of instruction essential for the 1 in 5 children who do not respond well to typical teaching methods, but it shown to work best for all children and can be used in any classroom.

Materials (estimated at $900) are included in the training at no extra cost: reference book, phonemic object kit, 3D movable alphabet, glass beads, Jailbird™️ puppet, raised letter card set, vowel song booklet and manipulatives kit, Lick the Lines program and starter kit, Magic E Spoon materials, printed Lesson 1-20 cards, set of Lesson 1-31 personalized readers and fluency charts, checklists, glass tracing board, plastic canvas, flying schwacer, h brothers manipulatives kit, brain models, notepad, highlighter, index cards markers and more.  In addition, the trainee will receive the CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D® manual. The manual is gifted to the trainee, from The APPLE Group, and serves as a perpetual, exclusive, non-transferable license for permission to use CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D®. The materials are the property of the trainee unless other arrangements have been made with the authors in writing.


Mary-Margaret Scholtens, Author of CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D®, Founder and Executive Director of The APPLE Group, Inc.      

Cherry Frierson, Author of CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D®, Founder and Director of The APPLE Group, Inc.

Kelly Fowler, CALT, QI, Trainer in CONNECTIONS: OG in 3D®