The participants will learn how to adapt the Connections OG in 3D® to the older student. The goal of the course is that the participants have a full understanding of multisensory intervention skills, and how to implement a science-based reading and spelling curriculum. They will have an understanding of current scientific research and brain studies involving dyslexia and effective, evidence-based reading programs.

This workshop is for  ▪  teachers  ▪  special educators  ▪  counselors  ▪  principals  ▪  intervention specialists  ▪  reading specialists  ▪  parents or grandparents of dyslexics  ▪  tutors who have completed the 45 hour CONNECTIONS OG in 3D® course.

Participants will

  • Learn how to adapt the CONNECTIONS OG in 3D® for older students.
  • Use Multisyllable words for each lesson
  • Progress monitoring for the older student
  • How to build grammar into each lesson
  • How to teach Vocabulary
  • How to teach Morphology
  • Assistive technology for the older student
  • Objects for Older Students