Dyslexia Screener Course

This is a four-hour course explaining how to administer and interpret the Dyslexia Screener. The participants will also learn how to implement therapy groups with students who show markers of dyslexia. This course includes hands-on instruction of phonological awareness and the five levels of phonemic awareness.

The Dyslexia Screener is not a norm-referenced test. It is a simple way to tell if a child has some characteristics of dyslexia. Then one has to consider if the child may not have had exposure to direct teaching of phonological awareness. After providing that direct instruction, if there are still signs, teachers use this information to help group students for dyslexia intervention.

Participants will practice scoring and making decisions based on those scores. For example, they will learn how to group students who struggle with rapid automatized naming together for intervention, because they will need more repetition and will be more likely to move through the lessons at the same pace. Teachers use the screener results for progress monitoring and to determine where their students are, so they will know if there are “holes” they should go back and reteach.

This screener may only be used by the person being trained and that person may use it only on their own students.

I understand that this course will not teach me nor allow me to diagnose dyslexia. I understand that I may not distribute the screener or copied pages of the screener, as it is protected by copyright law. I understand that I may not train others in the use of the screener. I understand the only way to obtain a screener is to be trained by The Apple Group.