Connections:OG in 3D/The APPLE Group

Phase One- Successful Completion of Connections: OG in 3D 

        Plus- Connections Follow-up Day

If you were trained anytime since January 2017, your Connections RISE Pathway Certificate will be automatically emailed to you. 

If you were trained before January 2017, the APPLE Group would like you to join us for a follow-up day to review how each part of the Connections lesson is based on the science of reading. We want you to be familiar with the science of reading terminology, as it correlates to what you learn in Connections--the why of SoR and how to teach it effectively. 

Link to register for RISE Connections Follow-Up Day:

Paying with a PO, please fill out the registration form using the link below and fax the PO to 870-275-4876.

Phase Two- Successful Completion of The APPLE Group Dyslexia Therapist Course OR

        observation by a Connections-trained principal who has completed ADE 

                    Assessor Course.